Version History

December 2017:

iHikeGPS App, version 8.0.3 released.

  • Fixed iOS 11 bugs in saving images to Photos and deleting lines in search-mode table views.

November 2017:

iHikeGPS App, version 8.0.2 released.

  • Several minor appearance bugs repaired.

iHikeGPS App, version 8.0.1 released.

  • Updated for iOS 11.1 and iPhone X.

iHikeGPS App, version 8.0 released.

  • Updated for iOS 11 and iPhone X.

August 2017:

iHikeGPS App, version 7.1.3 released.

  • Choose from a selection of waypoint icons.

May 2017:

iHikeGPS App, version 7.1.2 released.

  • Calculates the enclosed area of a route or track.
  • Toggle on and off the display of all waypoints except those being used to navigate.
  • Create a new waypoint by entering the direction and distance from a known point.

April 2017:

iHikeGPS App, version 7.1.1 released.

  • Added a Delete All option on the Map List screen.

March 2017:

iHikeGPS App, version 7.1 released.

  • 2678 additional downloadable maps:
    USGS 100K, USGS 250K and SE Canada 250K overview maps.
    US Forest Service 50K maps for Alaska.
  • Download up to 750 maps.
  • Get driving directions to the route trail head with a single tap.
  • Removed map display glitch when zoomed out on the iPad Pro.

December 2016:

iHikeGPS App, version 7.0.2 released.

  • Updated for iOS 10.2.
  • Removed map display glitch when zoomed out on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

iHikeGPS App, version 7.0.1 released.

  • Improved Visual Appearance and Usability.

November 2016:

iHikeGPS App, version 7.0 released.

  • Search USGS and NRC Place Name databases to add waypoints.
  • New tap-saving shortcuts.
  • Print the Owner’s Manual from inside the app (iOS 9 or later).

September 2016:

iHikeGPS App, version 6.3.6 released.

  • Last Version to Support iOS 5 and iOS 6

August 2016:

iHikeGPS App, version 6.3.2 released.

  • Improved Help Screen Navigation

July 2016:

iHikeGPS App, version 6.3 released.

  • Enhanced Route Editing.

May 2016:

iHikeGPS App, version 6.2 released.

  • Long Tap on "Go To" instantly starts navigation on the map screen.
  • Improved Map Stitching

October 2015:

iHikeGPS App, version 6.1 released.

  • Updated for iOS 9.

August 2015:

iHikeGPS App, version 6.0 released.

  • 2015 US Forest Service Topo Maps.

June 2015:

iHikeGPS App, version 5.2.2 released.

  • Send a KML file for any location directly for display in Google Earth.
  • Fixes a problem with the Save Track as a Route action on the Track Screen.

iHikeGPS App, version 5.2 released.

  • Search Waypoints and Routes.
  • Trip Timer and Odometer on the Map Screen.

May 2015:

iHikeGPS App, version 5.1 released.

  • Show waypoints along the path on the elevation graphs.
  • A Direction Indicator extends from the current location marker.
  • Send a KML file directly for display in Google Earth.
  • More convenient map downloading.
  • Updated for iOS 8.3.

January 2015:

iHikeGPS App, version 5.0.3 released.

  • User Interface Improvements on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad.

October 2014:

iHikeGPS App, version 5.0 released.

  • Updated for iOS 8, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

September 2014:

iHikeGPS App, version 4.6 released.

  • One button waypoint creation for your current location.
  • More Maps for Canada. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island added. Alberta and British Columbia coverage extended north to 54° latitude.

May 2014:

iHikeGPS App, version 4.5 released.

  • Print maps overlaid with waypoints, routes and tracks.
  • AirDrop map images to your friends, even in the wilderness with no Internet connection.
  • Print elevation graphs of your hike.
  • More Maps for Alberta and British Columbia.
    Coverage extended north to 53° latitude.

April 2014:

iHikeGPS App, version 4.4 released.

  • Post locations and topo map images to Twitter, Facebook, Messages and email.
  • AirDrop sharing of waypoints, routes and tracks, even in the wilderness with no Internet connection.
  • Share GPX files using iMessage and “Open In” another app.
  • Legend for Canadian topo maps.

March 2014:

iHikeGPS App, version 4.3 released.

  • View the Elevation Profile for routes made from recorded tracks.
  • Updated for iOS 7.1

January 2014:

iHikeGPS App, version 4.2 released.

  • Beautiful New iOS 7 Interface.
  • Stop track recording automatically when you drive away from the trailhead.

September 2013:

iHikeGPS App, version 4.1 released.

  • Newly Updated US Forest Service Maps!
    Most were updated in 2011-2013. None older than 2009.
  • Search Place Names using the USGS and Natural Resources Canada Geographic Names databases.
  • Select a Waypoint to Go To or Edit while on the main map screen.
  • Includes the Date and Time in the Note of a Waypoint Marked at your current location.
  • Record a track log that is twice as long.

February 2013:

iHikeGPS App, version 4.0 released.

  • Stitch Together Maps for Seamless Coverage across Map Boundaries.
  • View Date, Time, and Average Speed on the Elevation Graph.
  • Show the Estimated Time of Arrival at all Waypoints on a Route.
  • Refine the Position of a Waypoint when you Arrive.
  • Choose Individual Track Segments to View on the Elevation Graph.
  • Read with Ease from a Distance with Larger Font Sizes on your iPad.
  • Download the Maps you need from wherever you are in the App.

September 2012:

iHikeGPS App, version 3.5 released.

  • Updated for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

June 2012:

iHikeGPS App, version 3.4 released.

  • Topo Maps added for British Columbia & Alberta south of 52° latitude, plus Jasper National Park & Prince Albert National Park.
  • Route page shows the bearing between route waypoints.

March 2012:

iHikeGPS App, version 3.3 released.

  • Maps added for Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Guam.
  • Support for the Retina display featured on the new iPad.
  • Tap a Geotagged photo to create a waypoint.

January 2012:

iHikeGPS App, version 3.2 released.

  • Quickly measure distance and direction to any point on a map.

November 2011:

iHikeGPS App, version 3.1 released.

  • Displays percentage of track memory used.
  • Safeguards your stored maps against deletion by iOS 5. Updating to both Apple’s iOS 5.0.1 and iHikeGPS 3.1 will protect your downloaded maps.

October 2011:

iHikeGPS App, version 3.0 released.

  • Create, Edit, Navigate and Share Routes with Waypoints, and Routes with a Path.
  • GPX Import and Export of Routes and Tracks.
  • New updated look. User interface enhancements.

August 2011:

iHikeGPS App, version 2.5 released.

  • Direction shown in Degrees True or Degrees Magnetic.

July 2011:

iHikeGPS App, version 2.4 released.

  • Delete All Waypoints with a single tap.
  • View the map border lines to check what you've downloaded.
  • Show or Hide your Waypoint Notes on the map.

April 2011:

iHikeGPS App, version 2.3 released.

  • Import GPX and LOC waypoints by email or iTunes.
  • Export GPX waypoints and tracks by email or iTunes.
  • Adds UTM to the coordinate options.

Febuary 2011:

iHikeGPS App, version 2.2 released.

  • Displays Compass Heading.
  • Switches to rapid updating as you get close to a Go To waypoint. Perfect as you zero-in on a geocache.

January 2011:

iHikeGPS App, version 2.1 released.

  • Full Resolution on the iPhone 4 Display.
  • Background Recording of Tracks.
  • Switch On and Off Track Recording.
  • Switch On and Off Auto-Lock and Proximity Sensor.
  • Location Entry and Display in Degrees,
    Degrees /Minutes, or Degrees/Minutes/Seconds.

April 2010:

iHikeGPS App, version 2.0 released.

  • Universal App for iPad with 3G and iPhone.
  • Improved Performance on Map Screen updates when Panning and Zooming
  • Quick-start Guide for 1st time users.
  • Search for Location Name includes USGS Topo Quad names.
  • Preserves map location when App is quit and restarted.
  • Short-cut to My Location
  • Switch between the Distance/Bearing/ETA display and the current Lat/long/altitude display when using a Go To waypoint.
  • Improved track file import into Google Earth.

March 2010:

iHikeGPS iPhone App, version 1.1 released.

  • View USGS and US Forest Service 24K topo map quads even with no cell network connection.
  • View track log superimposed on the map, and in elevation profile.
  • Automatic map switching as you travel, or lock in a chosen map.
  • Set a Go To waypoint to see distance, direction and estimated time of arrival.
  • Email your tracks and waypoints to friends.
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