Natural Resources Canada Topo Maps

Free Access to Maps for All Covered Areas
  • Natural Resources Canada (NRC) 50K scale topo maps are high-resolution detailed maps, each showing an area of approximately 17 by 22 miles. Zoom in to see details as small as 20 feet across as you hike, bike, ski, snowshoe, etc.
  • NRC 250K scale topo maps show a larger area of approximately 68 by 88 miles, giving an overview that is great while planning, driving or flying.
  • Over 1054 maps cover
    New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island,
    and British Columbia & Alberta south of 54° latitude.
  • One-time purchase of iHikeGPS includes forever- free download access of all topo maps directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch anywhere and anytime you have a Wi-Fi or Cell connection.
  • Store up to 750 maps at a time on your mobile device. Use in the wilderness anytime.

Current SouthEast Canada Coverage

NRC 50K and 250K maps are available
for the areas outlined in red.
Includes full coverage of

Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Fundy National Park
Kejimkujik National Park
Kouchibouguac National Park
Mount Carleton Provincial Park
Current SouthWest Canada Coverage

NRC 50K maps are available
for the areas outlined in red.
Includes full coverage of

Banff National Park
Cape Scott Provincial Park
Cathedral Provincial Park
Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park
Cypress Provincial Park
Cypress Hills Provincial Park
EC Manning Provincial Park
Garibaldi Provincial Park
Glacier National Park
Golden Ears Provincial Park
Grasslands National Park
Gulf Islands National Park
Jasper National Park
Kananaskis Country
Kootenay National Park
Meadow Lake Provincial Park
Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park
Mount Revelstoke National Park
Mount Robson Provincial Park
Mount Seymour Provincial Park
Pacific Rim National Park
Pinecone Burke Provincial Park
Prince Albert National Park
Skagit Provincial Park
Strathcona Provincial Park
Tantalus Provincial Park
Top of the World Provincial Park
Yoho National Park
Waterton Lakes National Park
Willmore Wilderness Park
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