iHikeGPS for Your Apple Mobile Devices*
Know where you're going, where you are, and where you've been.

What's new in Version 5.2
  • Search Waypoints and Routes.
  • Trip Timer and Odometer on the Map Screen.
  • View your current location and direction, a track of where you've been, waypoints of important places, and routes to guide you.
  • Show an elevation Graph for tracks and routes. View time and speed. Includes waypoints to pinpoint key locations.
  • Import & export GPX waypoint, route & track files.
  • Send a KML file directly for display in Google Earth.
  • Stitch together maps for seamless coverage across map boundaries.
  • Print maps (overlaid with waypoints, routes and tracks) and elevation graphs.
  • Quickly measure distance and direction to any point on a map.
  • Set a Go To waypoint or a route and see Distance, Bearing, Course, Compass Heading, and Estimated Time of Arrival.
  • Stop track recording automatically when you drive away from the trailhead.
  • Search Place Names using the USGS and Natural Resources Canada Geographic Names databases.
  • Post locations and topo map images to Twitter, Facebook, Messages and email.
  • AirDrop sharing of maps, waypoints, routes and tracks, even in the wilderness even with no Internet connection.
No charges for Maps…ever
  • Current USA Coverage: Classic USGS 24K topo maps for all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands & Guam. 63K maps for Alaska.
    Recently updated US Forest Service Maps! Most updated in 2011-2013. None older than 2009.
  • Current Canada Coverage: Natural Resources Canada 50K topo maps for Alberta & British Columbia south of 54° latitude, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.
  • Access: Download the forever-free maps directly to your mobile device when you have internet service. Use these maps in the wilderness anytime, even with no cell signal.
  • Reliable: Raster maps from our own server are optimized for shortest download time, least memory used, superb resolution, and guaranteed accurate georeferencing.
  • Free Maps: No sign-up to collect your personal information. No in-app purchases. No subscriptions. No ads.
* System Requirements:
iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
iOS: software version 5.1.1 or later.
WiFi-only devices require an iOS-compatible
external GPS receiver to use some functions.
See Supported Devices Chart.

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